• Using The Slideshow Controls
  • Holding your mouse anywhere over the "Slideshow" will bring up "Previous" and "Next" arrows mid screen of the left and right outside edges.
       It will also bring up a "Light Box" across the bottom with slide title and description if applicable(See A).
  • Holding your mouse over any "Radio Button" will bring up a "Thumbnail" for that slide. Clicking on it will load that slide and play from there(See B).
  • In the lower righthand corner is a "Pause/Play button". At anytime you can pause playback and start it back up again(See C).
  • Video slideshows will have the same as above as well as a "Video Play/Pause" button in the the center of the slideshow.
       Once loaded a set of "Video Playback" controls will load across the bottom of the video player / slide.